Avacado Paratha with Cucumber / Carrot Raita :

Ingredients: (For 2-3 person)
1. Avocados – 3
2. Wheat powder (Atta)
3. Cucumber – 3 – 4
4. Carrot – 1 (optional – you can mix equal proportion of carrot / cucumber)
5. Cumin seeds – 11/2 spoon
6. Coriander powder – 1/2 spoon
7. Mustard seeds – 1 spoon
8. Mint leaves – 6-7 leaves
9. Curry Leaves – 1-3 leaves
10. Lemon – 1
11. Plain yogurt
12. Salt
13. Coriander leaves – 1 bunch
14. Chat masala – 1/2 spoon
15. Oil – 1 spoon

How to prepare:
Selection of Avocados:
 When you buy avocado from the market, don’t select the fully riped nor the unripen one. To choose the correct one , press the avocado with your thumb it should not be too loose (riped) / should not be too hard (unriped)
 How to cut the Avocados :
 1. Cut the avocado’s on side on both the sides and twist the top and the bottom shells in opposite direction , it comes out very easily.
 2. Now remove the center seed with the small knife
 3. Now slice the buttery soft inner part into small segments with small knife.
 4. Scoop the fragmented parts with a spoon and dispose the shells.
 5. Mash the sliced avocado’s well and keep it on the side.

Preparation of Avocado Paratha / Rotti :
1. Take a big bowl and place the mashed avacados
2. Add coriander powder \ lemon extract \ salt \ Coriander leaves and mix well (Lemon is to maintain the greenish color) (If want you can mix little bit of yogurt – purely optional)
3. Now add the wheat powder in repeated intervals and mix the ingredients well.
4. Once the dough is ready it should not stick to your hand.  Cover the dough with wet piece of small cloth for 15-20 minutes.
5. Start rolling the dough and toast it, yummy avocado’s soft rotti is ready !!!!!!!

Now let’s start on the Cucumber Raita preparation:
1. Peel the cucumbers / carrots skin and grate the cucumber into tiny slices and keep it aside.
2. Take a blender and add yogurt / mint leaves / salt  / chat masala and grind well.
3. Now mix cucumbers \ carrots \ grinded ingredients in a bowl.
2. Garnish: Heat the pan with oil and add mustards / curry leaves / cumin seeds and allow the mustard seeds to splutter. Pour this on top of the cucumber yogurt and mix well.

Tasty Paratha / Cucumber Raita is ready to serve !!!!

 Know Nutritional values of what you eat:
1. Avacados : Rich in good fat / fiber / protein / anti-oxidant / for weight loss.
2. Cucumbers / Carrots – vitamin c \ good for vision \ reduce body heat
3. Lemon – good source of antioxidant \ weight loss.
4. Coriander leaves   – skin inflammation, mouth ulcers , anti allergic , digestion.
3. Cumin Seeds – rich in iron / good for digestion
4. Yogurt : Rich in calcium \ reduce body heat.
5. Whole grain wheat – Rich in protein.



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